Who is Madame Zhu?

Only open for 3 months, Hao Noodle has received rave reviews from important local press including Eater, New York Magazine and the New York Times. It’s also been flooded with appreciation from multiple backgrounds including David Barber and the grandson of I. M. Pei. A common theme?

The Rhone Ranger Continues to Dig the Unknown

If you’ve ever read Been Doon So Long, you’d appreciate how well Randall Grahm lives wine, philosophizes wine and satirizes funny behaviors around the industry in shockingly talented writing. Coined by Wine Spectator in 1989 as “The Rhone Ranger”, the pioneer of Rhone grapes in California has never ceased his quest for charting the unknown.

8 Tips for Chinese New Year Wine Pairing

While the tables from Shanghai are a lot different from the tables in Sichuan, or Canton, their expressions of decadence manifest in flavors, spices and techniques. Here are some helpful tips for banquet style wine pairing

瓶中歲月 / 波爾多


Time in a Bottle / Bordeaux

Every time we drink a wine we witness a particular moment of its lifetime. Most of these moments might be amusing but forgettable. On a fortunate day, though, a rare moment captures you and you fall silent…


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A Terroir Specialist Talks Shop

Many winemakers claim their wines are from a unique terroir, but whether you could taste it in the wine or not, is another question. Here, Pedro breaks down the elements of terroir and gives a framework to help understanding terroir.


BACK TO FARM TO CAMPFIRE MAIN PAGE Camping is at its best when time is reserved for eating, sleeping, and just plain relaxing after a day exploring the wild worlds around us. So get out there and root around, or join the field games on the rolling grass. As the sun goes down there will be an open […]




BACK TO FARM TO CAMPFIRE MAIN PAGE      TO BEACON BY TRAIN: Take Metro-North Railroad trains (Grand Central – Poughkeepsie Line). Trains run hourly in either direction. For train information, visit www.mta.info. For train travel from north of Poughkeepsie, take an Amtrak train to Poughkeepsie and transfer to a Metro-North train. From Beacon station, you could either walk (for 20 minutes), […]


BACK TO FARM TO CAMPFIRE MAIN PAGE _____  INDIVIDUAL & GROUP PACKAGES AVAILABLE  _____   ALL TICKETS AVAILABLE AT BROWN PAPER TICKETS CAMP ACTIVITIES: Free! Field games, hiking, producers’ presentation, outdoor film, campfire 2-DAY RUNNING WILD PASS / INDIVIDUAL: $125 (tickets here) Includes all camp activities + programming: harvest dinner, harvest breakfast, performances, and overnight camping. Bring your own camping […]


BACK TO FARM TO CAMPFIRE MAIN PAGE • all activities are FREE except for meals, music & overnight camping • ALL TICKETS AVAILABLE AT BROWN PAPER TICKETS CAMP ACTIVITIES: FREE ! ! Field games, hiking, producers’ presentation, outdoor film, campfire HARVEST DINNER / ADULT: $75 (tickets here) HARVEST DINNER / UNDER 18: $30 (tickets here) HARVEST DINNER / UNDER 6: Free (need to be accompanied by […]


A unique Farm to Campfire weekend, celebrating the produce and producers of the Hudson Valley – available activities include hiking, field games, arts & crafts, presentations, harvest dinner, puppet show, live music, film screening, camping, breakfast and a producers market. In Beacon, New York.


Beacon was named to commemorate the historic beacon fires that blazed forth from the summit of the Fishkill Mountains to alert the Continental Army about British troop movements. Later, the old Mount Beacon Incline Railway connected the town and the summit of Mount Beacon for recreational purposes. It was one of the steepest incline railways […]


Yeast has been instrumental to winemaking, baking and brewing since ancient times. If terroir for wine mainly comes from soil, for European old brews, it’s wild yeast in the air.