Who is Madame Zhu?

Only open for 3 months, Hao Noodle has received rave reviews from important local press including Eater, New York Magazine and the New York Times. It’s also been flooded with appreciation from multiple backgrounds including David Barber and the grandson of I. M. Pei. A common theme?

8 Tips for Chinese New Year Wine Pairing

While the tables from Shanghai are a lot different from the tables in Sichuan, or Canton, their expressions of decadence manifest in flavors, spices and techniques. Here are some helpful tips for banquet style wine pairing

Veal Cutlets w/ Lemon

Nonna Paola lives in Milano. She’s retired and occasionally cooks for fun for weddings. We met her in Brooklyn through her son, who’s a freelancer journalist for Italian media. He and his wife just had their first baby, so we got to thinking that meant all Paola’s cooking tricks were now officially italian grandmother cooking tricks. That’s when […]

Basil Tomato Sauce

• 5 anchovies • 1 cube of beef bouillon • 1 can of diced tomato • 2-3 cloves of garlics • some capers • some pitted olives • basils halve the garlic and remove its heart (green part), make it less heavy on stomach  LOTS of extra virgin oil in pan, add anchovies and garlic add diced tomato when the garlic is slightly golden, turn […]

Lucy in Lyon – All About French Cooking

Lucy knows French cuisine. She grew up in New York, travelled the world, married a Frenchman and now lives in Lyon. She was involved in an extensive translation of the France Guides of Gilles Pudloski, researching and providing descriptive interpretation of restaurant menus from all over France, with more than 16,000 regional and classic French dishes researched […]

A Chinese New Year in America

Mixed Palate Dinner Club recently hosted its first Chinese New Year celebration with Reggie Soang (wd-50), Lorenzo Gatteschi (podere ciona estate) and a number of friends. Here are some highlights as well as a “Laowai’s Guide” to Chinese New Year traditions. Stay tuned for recipes from Reggie. (Join our mailing list) YEAR OF THE SNAKE […]

Anthony Bourdain Interview

Ming: What is your exposure to the wine world? Bourdain: I spent a fair amount of time in France as a kid. I briefly studied wine in Culinary Institute. And of course I’ve worked with it for 28 years, and spent a lot of time drinking it. Ming: Is there any wine you’re loving now? Bourdain: As […]

All-Star, Slow-Cook… Can’t Ask More For A Food Court

When you’re hungry in Flushing, New York, there are serious choices to make. In a neighborhood known internationally for its food, where most eaters have a low tolerance for expensive, dumbed-down “authentic” cooking, most food choices are super affordable and, with varying degrees of success, remain true to the traditions from which they once came – otherwise they […]

Fire & Lazy Susan

“Pao (爆)” is one of my favorite techniques in Chinese cooking. The word itself means “explosion”, and the cooking involves rapidly rolling marinated, usually sliced ingredients in extremely high heat for under a minute…

Gastronomic Deja Vu

On a hot summer day, Sichuan folks gulp down Mala stew covered with red-hot oil with Zen, no sweat is shed. A foot away Southerners at the ice stall impatiently trying to cool down and think Sichuanian are ridiculous. Next stall…