Beacon was named to commemorate the historic beacon fires that blazed forth from the summit of the Fishkill Mountains to alert the Continental Army about British troop movements. Later, the old Mount Beacon Incline Railway connected the town and the summit of Mount Beacon for recreational purposes. It was one of the steepest incline railways […]


Yeast has been instrumental to winemaking, baking and brewing since ancient times. If terroir for wine mainly comes from soil, for European old brews, it’s wild yeast in the air.

Not just greetings: “Have you eaten yet?”

Chinese culture is also eating culture. You might already know that Chinese greet each other by asking: “Have you eaten yet?” “What have you had?” But you probably don’t know that these are potentially larger questions – depends on how you answer them: “I’ve been eating too much.” means you’ve been minding other people’s business; “I’m […]


Burgundy: Hospices de Beaune

photo diary – 30 days in france

October. We picked up a car in Paris and drove through all the towns that had been in our minds. We met many great friends, drank a lot… Here’s flashback from our trip. More interviews and stories to follow. DAY 1/ PARIS. dinner at Chateaubriand DAY 2/ PARIS. lovely long walk on St Germain DAY3/ PARIS. […]

Taiwan – intro

My night market rises at sunset. It is here everyday, and has been here since my first grade. It tucks in scooter-riders and feeds them on the way home. Kids from stinky tofu stall do homework on the portable tables; gang members hang at the oyster noodle cart, drinking Taiwan Beer and curse at passengers…


It feels noontime when we are picked up at the airport. The mass of sun remains grand beyond the grey clouds, leaves a subtle glow on the edge of everything. Slates, flower bushes, smaller cars. I don’t remember this mountainous road leading home, but the balmy wind that rides with us is familiar: 18°C, slightly […]