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Randall Grahm

The Rhone Ranger Continues to Dig the Unknown

If you've ever read Been Doon So Long, you'd appreciate how well Randall Grahm lives wine, philosophizes wine and satirizes funny behaviors around the industry in shockingly talented writing. Coined by Wine Spectator in 1989 as "The Rhone Ranger", the pioneer of Rhone grapes in California has never ceased his quest for charting the unknown. What led up to your … [Read More...]

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8 Tips for Chinese New Year Wine Pairing

1.  Sense of union. Chinese families prepare their New Year feast by laying out the best classic dishes, each symbolizing a good fortune - and they usually cover … [Read More...]

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Time in a Bottle / Bordeaux

"Miracles appear in the strangest places"     ~ Willie Nelson Yesterday's Wine ~    Every time we drink a wine we witness a particular moment of its … [Read More...]

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Pedro at Lagarde

A Terroir Specialist Talks Shop

Terroir is a unique place modulated by geology and weather, and the men who work with all these elements... A place would never be a terroir without the men because if nobody's playing the tune, there's no music sound.                   ~Pedro … [Read More...]

farm to campfire


A unique Farm to Campfire weekend, celebrating the produce and producers of the Hudson Valley - available activities include hiking, field games, arts & crafts, presentations, harvest dinner, puppet show, live music, film screening, camping, breakfast and … [Read More...]

Cuba (credit TC) (2)

Anthony Bourdain Interview

Ming: What is your exposure to the wine world? Bourdain: I spent a fair amount of time in France as a kid. I briefly studied wine in Culinary Institute. And of course I’ve worked with it for 28 years, and spent a lot of time drinking it. Ming: Is … [Read More...]