All-Star, Slow-Cook… Can’t Ask More For A Food Court

When you’re hungry in Flushing, New York, there are serious choices to make.

hand pull noodles

In a neighborhood known internationally for its food, where most eaters have a low tolerance for expensive, dumbed-down “authentic” cooking, most food choices are super affordable and, with varying degrees of success, remain true to the traditions from which they once came – otherwise they won’t survive. Against this local backdrop, a new set of offerings from places such as Shanxi, Tienjin, Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Vietnam have gathered in one gigantic, well-presented space: New World Food Court. Seeking to attract both locals and commuter dedicates of Flushing’s food, this venture promises to be one of the most fantastic food courts in New York. There is a truly exciting sense of curation behind the selection of vendors: legendary eateries from their home countries mingle in compelling ways with new stalls, all celebrating deeply traditional styles from all over Asia. Most involve a full open kitchen, intense preps, secret recipes and slow cooking..


There’s a Lan-Zhou noodle spot that hand-pulls noodles per order; another serves an amazing braised beef in a ceramic pot that further integrates the ingredients. Many visitors will recognize these dishes as well-executed classics from their homeland, made by expats who were already chefs before they arrived in the U.S. If you don’t have a faint idea just what these beloved Eastern dishes are like, but know you enjoy savory, spices, intense flavors, varieties of meats, noodles and rice, etc., then it’s totally worth a trip. Every time you come you’d find a few more favorites that you hadn’t heard of. And with open kitchens and picture menus, it’s easy to get a sense of what you might like. – You could also ask. This court’s full of proud eaters, who are mostly eager to point…THAT ONE.

Pending your mood nearly every dish is promising, but you’ve got only one belly. Go hungry with a few other empty stomaches.

Among 30+ eateries, there’s only one serves fast-food – done in the fryer served with sauce on the side (there’s always one). That’s right, the only one that has no customers.

Flushing food court beef ndl soup

New World Food Court

  • CUISINE: Very traditional; Pan-Asian (mostly Chinese)
  • ADDRESS: 136-20 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354 (map)
  • SUBWAY: 7 Express; or E train to Jackson Hts – Roosevelt Ave, transfer to 7 train to Main St. (30 mins from midtown Manhattan)
  • HOURS: (think shopping mall)
  • PHONE: 718-353-1635
  • HELPFUL LINKS: ChowhoundYelp