Sean Thackrey Interview (Part I)

Sean Thackrey is a thinker, and a winemaker who doesn’t care what others say. And we all benefit from it through his beautiful wine.   MP: How do you think about the Asian wine market? ST: It’s a market I’m very interested in, but I know nothing about it. It seems to be quite chaotic at this […]

Sean Thackrey Interview (Part II)

MP: Talk about Terroir? ST: I believe there are many sides to this discussion. Certainly what I call vineyard characteristics is what most people call “terroir”. I like to avoid all of the secondary smoke that goes up. But the idea that fruit grown in different places tastes different – what could be more obvious? Of course […]

Kermit Lynch Interview (part I)

MP: How do you think about the Asian wine market? KL: I only know what I read in the papers. I haven’t sought out any connections there. I’ve been contacted a few times by people who wanted to buy my selections of French & Italian wines for the Asian market, and each time I turned it […]

Kermit Lynch Interview (part II)

MP: Your label is synonymous with traditional vinification and terroir-driven expression. How do you communicate a wine’s integrity to your customers? KL: I certainly tried over the years, and in my book Adventures on the Wine Route there are lessons throughout the book without preaching; just telling what I saw. For example, I was going over France and tasting […]

波爾多右岸2011期酒 v.s. 2009新品酒會


All-Star, Slow-Cook… Can’t Ask More For A Food Court

When you’re hungry in Flushing, New York, there are serious choices to make. In a neighborhood known internationally for its food, where most eaters have a low tolerance for expensive, dumbed-down “authentic” cooking, most food choices are super affordable and, with varying degrees of success, remain true to the traditions from which they once came – otherwise they […]

Taiwan – intro

My night market rises at sunset. It is here everyday, and has been here since my first grade. It tucks in scooter-riders and feeds them on the way home. Kids from stinky tofu stall do homework on the portable tables; gang members hang at the oyster noodle cart, drinking Taiwan Beer and curse at passengers…

Core of Sea, Core of Grain: Oyster & Sake

In most of the raw bars, you have beers, muscadet or sparkling wines to brighten, reset and prepare the palates for the next oyster. Sake, I imagined, might do a very different magic and potentially intensify the oyster’s effect. Made of fermented rice grain…

Fire & Lazy Susan

“Pao (爆)” is one of my favorite techniques in Chinese cooking. The word itself means “explosion”, and the cooking involves rapidly rolling marinated, usually sliced ingredients in extremely high heat for under a minute…


It feels noontime when we are picked up at the airport. The mass of sun remains grand beyond the grey clouds, leaves a subtle glow on the edge of everything. Slates, flower bushes, smaller cars. I don’t remember this mountainous road leading home, but the balmy wind that rides with us is familiar: 18°C, slightly […]