Sean Thackrey Interview (Part I)

Sean Thackrey is a thinker, and a winemaker who doesn’t care what others say. And we all benefit from it through his beautiful wine.   MP: How do you think about the Asian wine market? ST: It’s a market I’m very interested in, but I know nothing about it. It seems to be quite chaotic at this […]

Sean Thackrey Interview (Part II)

MP: Talk about Terroir? ST: I believe there are many sides to this discussion. Certainly what I call vineyard characteristics is what most people call “terroir”. I like to avoid all of the secondary smoke that goes up. But the idea that fruit grown in different places tastes different – what could be more obvious? Of course […]

Kermit Lynch Interview (part I)

MP: How do you think about the Asian wine market? KL: I only know what I read in the papers. I haven’t sought out any connections there. I’ve been contacted a few times by people who wanted to buy my selections of French & Italian wines for the Asian market, and each time I turned it […]

Kermit Lynch Interview (part II)

MP: Your label is synonymous with traditional vinification and terroir-driven expression. How do you communicate a wine’s integrity to your customers? KL: I certainly tried over the years, and in my book Adventures on the Wine Route there are lessons throughout the book without preaching; just telling what I saw. For example, I was going over France and tasting […]